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Harwich Antique Center

Harwich Antique Center

Harwich Antique Center2Fun exploring all the old historic gems.

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Trampoline Center
296 Massachusetts 28, West Harwich, MA 02671
(508) 432-8717

Trampoline Center1 Trampoline Center2Trampoline Center • 296 Rt. 28, Harwich (508) 432-8717

Kids will have a great time jumping to their hearts’ content. A dozen large trampolines in a fenced-in outdoor area are set at ground level, so even the smallest of small fry can fly high. Remember to follow the two rules: no shoes and no flips. The center is open daily from mid-June through Labor Day. The cost is $6 for 10 minutes.

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Who says kids shouldn’t play with their food?

diners in cape cod ma

diners in cape cod ma8

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grand slam cape cod bumper boats.jpg4

Cape Cod Bumper Boats & Grand Slam Entertainment

322 Main St, Harwich Port, MA 02646 • (508) 430-1155

 Tuesday hours 9:00 am–9:00 pm  •

grand slam cape cod2 Cape Cod Baseball and Softball Batting Cages.

grand slam cape cod 3The Batting Cages where great to work up a sweat BEFORE you entered the wet bumper boats.

grand slam cape cod bumper boats

 Cape Cod Bumper Boats. Squirt guns on the boats, and even on the sides of the pool, for the parents viewing to squirt the riders.grand slam cape cod bumper boats.jpg2

Welcome to Grand Slam Entertainment!

The Cape Cod home of premium Baseball & Softball Batting Cages and a huge crystal clear Bumper Boat pool! You can spray your friends – but watch out! You can get wet from any angle!

Our Batting Cage Features 9 Master Pitching Machines including slow & fast pitch softball as well as baseball speeds from 80 mph to wiffleball for kids under 8 years old!

grand slam cape cod

Grand Slam in Cape Cod rated a 2 thumbs up by my boys!